About Us

Level Field Property Management LLC is a privately-held Seattle-based residential property management company. Our mission is to align the values and incentives of residential property owners, tenants, and property managers – motivating all parties to cooperate to meet mutual needs, share in the effort, and benefit financially.

We believe that residential property management requires a foundation of implicit Trust, Transparency, and Timeliness – the “Three T’s”:

  • TRUST - ‘Good faith effort is not enough’. A Property Manager should be trusted to take care of a property as if they were family members.
  • TRANSPARENCY - ‘Show me beyond the money’. A Property Manager should be held accountable by recording all of their daily actions in detail.
  • TIMELINESS - ‘No news is always bad news’. A Property Manager should have current status available at all times, with a communication path available for rapid response.

For more information, please call 206-801-0005 or enter a request online via our website Contact Form.